Motivate Media Group operates across the GCC and MENA region with a diverse portfolio of media interests comprising magazines, digital, social, video, exhibitions & events, cinema and books.

Specialising in highly engaging content through market-leading magazines, websites, more than 300 book titles, along with video and content production, Motivate also provides a wide range of advertising platforms.

With a staff of more than 200 experienced professionals, Motivate is committed to providing editorial excellence, and a corporate mission to develop integrated communication channels that entertain, inform and enrich.

Synthesis Communications Indonesia

Synthesis Communications Indonesia is an independent media consulting and content creation company. Founded in 2013, Synthesis has over the past six years worked with multi-national companies as well as agencies and institutions dedicated to advancing Indonesia.

 Through communications, advocacy and action we identify trends, public perception and possible government policies that impact our client’s business. Our long experience and expertise in communications and media allows us to build and maintain high level contacts amongst government agencies, civil society organizations, businesses and national and international media.

Our work goes beyond traditional media relations to include:

  • Creating content for the Indonesia Development Forum in partnership with the Indonesia National Development Ministry in 2017;

  • Developing and managing a program to improve financial literacy between Singapore-based Six Capital Pte Ltd and Indonesia’s Gadja Mada University (UGM)

  •  Developing content for HSBC’s Infrastructure Summit at the World Bank/IMG Meeting in Bali in 2018

  •  Developing content and media strategy for the Habibie Innovation Festival (2015-2018)

  •  Producing and hosting the Indonesia Energy Conference in 2017

The Design Alliance Asia

Zakti has strategic partnerships with The Design Alliance Asia.
The Design Alliance was founded by William and Lindsey Harald-Wong in the year 2000 in response to the Asian Financial Crisis.
The Alliance was later renamed The Design Alliance Asia (tDA Asia) in 2011. It is one of the most extensive collaborative networks of prominent designers in Asia with a shared vision of advancing Asian identity as a vital cultural force and a strategic platform for design.

In 2006, The Design Alliance introduced tDA AsiaMeets, an annual gathering of associates and affiliates that includes presentations on recent design and lifestyle trends and key projects from member countries.

Finally, it is the ongoing quest of tDA Asia to continue seeking and engaging designers in developing Asian countries that are not on the radar screen of the established design world.


Through our association with tDA Asia, WHW & Associates is able to offer/assist in:

  • Region-wide design solutions

  • Localised variants—based on intimate knowledge of local language, culture, cultural sensitivities, regulations

  • Region-wide implementation and management of brand and corporate identities

  • Comprehensive service and consistent quality across region

  • Region-wide resourcing of photographers, illustrators, craftsmen, colour separators, printers, etc

  • Lower production and distribution costs

  • A single point of contact for the whole region

The Design Alliance Asia AGM in Hong Kong, 2011

tDA Asia is currently represented in 14 Asian countries/regions by individuals who rank among the best in and have contributed significantly to the design industries in their respective countries. These include:

BANGLADESH  //  Roop Yusuf Hassan

CHINA–MAINLAND  //  1983asia Su Zhihua (Susu), Yong Siong Yow (Yao)

CHINA–HONG KONG  //  KL&K Creative Strategics & KL&K Design Prof. Dr. Kan Tai-Keung, Freeman Lau, Hong Ko
// Amy Chow

INDIA  //  Subrata Bhowmick Design Prof. Subrata Bhowmick  //  Elephant Design Ashwini Deshpande, Partho Guha, Ashish Deshpande

INDONESIA  //  BD+A Design Tri Anugrah, (the late) Irvan Noe’man  //  LeBoYe Hermawan Tanzil

LAOS  //  Bluegrass Design Group Praseuth Banchongphakdy

MIDDLE EAST  //  Tarek Atrissi Design Tarek Atrissi

MALAYSIA  //  William Harald-Wong & Associates William Harald-Wong, Lindsey Harald-Wong

PHILIPPINES  //  Dino Brucelas

SINGAPORE  //  Immortal Stanley Tan  //  The Print Room Kelly Cheng  //  Saxone Woon

SOUTH KOREA  //  Ahn Graphics Prof. Ahn Sang-soo, Myrrh Ahn

TAIWAN  //  Prof. Apex, Pang-Soong Lin  //  NDD Design Yu-Tsung Hu (Hugh)

THAILAND  //  Color Party Object Co Punlarp Punnotok, Somsri Maneesatid

VIETNAM  //  HAKI Group Pham Huyen Kieu, Pham Thanh Huong

ADI – Architecture Design Intelligence

No. 36, St. 508, corner of St. 103, Sangkat Phsar Doeum Thkov, 12307 Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Yusuf Hassan
Founder of Roop. Brand Strategist.

Yusuf Hassan
Founder of Roop. Brand Strategist.

Creating powerful brands that make an impact. Yusuf Hassan is a highly sough-after branding expert, design strategist & designer known for his unique ability to bring brands to life and drive record results. Over the course of his 29-year career, he helped organizations all around Bangladesh to create, manage or reinvigorate their image and expand their influence in a crowded marketplace. Yusuf Hassan has a track record of transforming brands across a wide variety of industries and turning around businesses in even the most challenging circumstances. As the founder and CEO of Roop, an accomplished branding firm with collective collaboration worldwide, he organizes a team of highly skilled individuals who help clients maximize exposure.

He is an entrepreneur, a trend leader and a creative powerhouse who has firmly established himself as one of the most respected branding specialists in the industry both national and international. From companies to government, officlas to media luminaries, his clients benefit enormously from his innovative mind, strategic approach and profound business acumen.


  • Business branding

  • Brand strategy, development and positioning

  • Brand management

  • Brand storytelling

  • Brand design


Based in Hong Kong, Winkle-Picker is a specialist museum & heritage site planning company providing a full range of services throughout Asia for clients including designers, multinationals, theme parks, museums, governments, architects and contractors.


Winkle-Picker was founded and is run by Dr Chris White who has acted as a consultant for some of the world’s most famous museums and multinational companies. Chris has worked in research, interpretation, planning, design and scriptwriting for museums, public exhibitions, and multinational corporations for over 30 years.