Muzium Sultan Abu Bakar

Muzium Sultan Abu Bakar’s conception began with the restoration of an abandoned colonial- style building, as well as adding new buildings to house an auditorium, workshop space, café, and various galleries.


Muzium Masjid Sultan Abdullah

Muzium Masjid Sultan Abdullah is a small mosque built in the 1930s and has been beautifully restored for its new role as an Islamic arts museum.


Trade Museum

The Trade Museum offers to visitors a vista from the early beginnings of trading activities in Malaysia to the current day. We provided the ideation, content curation, and production of the visitor experience.


Founding Fathers

Our first project in Dubai, the exhibition ‘Founding Fathers’ opened on 7 March 2019 to the cream of Emirati society. The exhibition was held in conjunction with the launch of the book which showcases the unique and special relationship between Sheikh Zayed, the late first President of UAE, and Sheikh Rashid, the late first Vice-President.